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Sean Torrington is a Brooklyn born and raised filmmaker, producer, content creator, and multi-media visionary. He has directed numerous web-series, docu-series, short films and media campaigns, and translated his vision for an online media platform into SLAY MEDIA HOUSE, the leading entertainment destination for Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC). As the Founder and CEO, Sean oversees a global media network that includes: SLAY STUDIO, a collective of visual digital storytellers, including directors, cinematographers and editors; SLAY AGENCY, a creative agency that focus on strategy integration, design, activations, and content for brands interested in building authentic campaigns; and SLAY TV,  Co-Founded Terry Torrington,  a media company that elevates the narratives of the Black LGBTQ+ by creating and curating compelling stories. 

In 2018, Sean realized his vision for a signature event that would bridge the gap between QTPOC and those outside the community who are unaware of what their human experience looks like. SLAY FEST is a celebration of queer and trans arts and culture presented by SLAY MEDIA HOUSE. It showcases independent films, shorts, documentaries, music videos and other creative work while promoting awareness, fostering dialogue, building community and bringing visibility to emerging queer and trans artists. In its inaugural year, SLAY FEST brought together more than 1500 people at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to experience an inclusive space where they saw themselves represented in all forms of media through stories that were relatable and authentically told through a decidedly “people of color point of view.” SLAY FEST 2018 was featured in Billboard, GLAAD and Chill Magazine. In 2019, SLAY FEST will take place July 21-22.


Sean has been featured in publications including NBC, ABC7 DC, Medium, OUT Magazine and Blavity. In addition, he has received the award for Best Web Series from Hotter Than July Film Festival; the Pride Network’s LGBT Leadership Award; and the Unapologetically Black Award from Black, Gifted and Whole. Sean is also a member of the House of Garçon in the ball community, a Black American subculture that supports and connects LGBTQ people, made more visible through the hit reality-based series POSE on FX.

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